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Joining UCB is a free, easy way to buy and sell used college books.

  • Used books cost enough without having to pay shipping and handling, too. At UCB, you have the option of buying locally. That means no shipping, no handling, and no long waits.
  • Choosing UCB is also smart for sellers. Just as joining is free, so is using our services. We charge no fees and take no percentage from sales, so you get to keep the money you make. And if you sell locally, you’ll avoid the hassle and expense of boxes, labels, and packing materials.
  • But money and convenience aren’t the only reasons to join UCB. Buying and selling books locally is also great for the environment.
    So what are you waiting for? Join UCB today! It’s a cleaner, smarter, greener way to sell and buy used college books.
  • Sell Your Book On Multiple Network of EDU Sites and Facebook Automatically!
  • Make Money Selling Used College Books
  • Sell Your Book in Your School directly to other Students!
  • Register Free, no sale Commission, no Middle Man!