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Want to sell books and earn extra cash? UCB makes it easy for you to find buyers.

Simply input information about the texts that you have for sale. Be sure to include each book’s condition as well as the price you’re asking. You can even upload cover images to make your posting stand out from the rest. And don’t forget to indicate your campus! If you sell books locally, you won’t have to bother with packaging and mailing the books that you sell.

If you're a student, adding books to the UCB database is free, and you won’t have to share any part of the money that you earn from sales with UCB either.* So go ahead! Try  UCB and see just how easy it is to sell books for college.

*Non-student sellers may also use UCB. For details, click here.


Books can be browsed by images, subjects or name of institution at well. Cheap textbooks are available for both purchase and sale on all academic subjects including sports, music and technology. Besides, old test papers, essays, notes and study material can also be easily sold or purchased. Images can be uploaded for easy browsing by potential buyers.


Merits/advantages of buying or selling used books from UCB include:

 ·         Saving of money
 ·         Minimum price
 ·         No shipping cost
 ·         No middleman’s profit or commission
 ·         Easy browsing
 ·         Direct contact with local buyer and seller
 ·         No money to be given to UCB
 ·         Saving trees


 Buyers save money on books they pick and nothing needs to be paid as commission or shipping. Sellers who intend to sell a used college books can do so with minimum hassle and clinching the entire 100% sale money.

Buy/Sell used college textbooks = Saving of Money + Saving of Trees + No commission or shipping charge


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