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UCB helps students buy and sell used textbooks at great prices. Our sellers aren’t big companies; they’re students like you.  To browse or buy local textbooks, type your school name below. To sell a book online : 


5 Reasons why to buy used college books from UCB 


Students entering college or moving on to a new year often find it difficult to buy new first hand books from their campus bookstores because of exorbitant prices. Hence, students, these days, are looking to buy used college textbooks to save money.

Several websites are offering such services where you can buy used college book from the site at a price less than what you pay for a brand new book. However, those websites themselves make a lot of money as they play the role of the greedy middleman.


That’s why UCB (Used College Books) has commenced a new service which has been targeted to help young students buy books at unbelievably low prices. The aim of UCB is not to make profit but to cut off the monstrous heads of the middlemen who often make a hole in the pockets of students without even letting them realize that.