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How to Use This Site?

Do I have to register with UCB in order to use its services?

If you're a buyer and want to browse for books, you can do so without registering to UCB. But you cannot contact sellers without registering. If you plan to sell books on UCB, you do need to register before you can post information about the textbooks you're selling. Registration is free and requires only your name, country of origin, email address, and a password of your own choosing.

Is there a fee for using UCB?

No. Using UCB to search and/or sell books is completely free. UCB charges no service fees and earns no commission from book sales. The only monies users pay are to the individuals or companies from whom they purchase books.

How do I use UCB to find used college books?

Using UCB is easy. To browse our selection of books, go to "Browse Books." To find a specific title, click "Search for Books" and fill in as much information as you can about the text you're looking for, such as its author and ISBN. If you want to buy books locally, you can also search by school.

How do I use UCB to sell my used books?

UCB gives you two ways to sell books.
1) To advertise them online, register with UCB for free. Then submit information about your used textbooks using our online services. Advertise as many books as you like as often as you like. Buyers contact you directly.
2) To advertise your textbooks on campus bulletin boards, download a free UCB poster. UCB posters are an attractive, eye-catching way to make your ad stand out from the others.