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Humanities is a subject that deal with a number of fields like philosophy, performing and visual arts, music and theater; however, it may also include social sciences such as law, anthropology, history, linguistics, cultural studies and area studies. It shows that Humanities cover a wide scope of disciplines and subject matters. Definitely, there is a great need for lengthy education to full understand and comprehend the field. And of course, to be in the teaching profession, FTCE Humanities Test has to be taken and passed to lawfully teach in schools and other educational institutions.

To explain in figures how FTCE tests can be quite a challenge, the FTCE Humanities Test requires 61% of correct answers of the total number of test questions to pass and obtain a teaching license. In the 2009 Florida Department of Education report on FTCE, 62% of the 77 total test takers, passed. This statistics show that there are still takers who fail the exams despite spending years in college or university for humanities education, even earning merits for exceptional grades.

One reason may be because of lack of preparation and information. FTCE tests may appear to be simple tests similar to those you take in college, but not knowing the scope of the test can risk you to fail the FTCE test for Humanities. FTCE test guides are constructed for the purpose of informing and counseling future FTCE test takers on steps to succeed and ace the test. Test researchers have dedicated their time, effort and years of extensive research to come up with a study guide that will benefit students in lieu with the FTCE test.

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