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In 2009, 421 test takers took the FTCE test for Earth Space and Science. Of the 421 participants, 79% of the total number of these testers passed. These test takers, of course, dealt with a major in Earth and Space Science for a lengthy amount of years as their degree in college before deciding to take the FTCE test to obtain a teaching license. What went wrong with the remaining 21% of test takers? Why did they fail the FTCE test?

This is probably because they were barely prepared to take the test. Some may have relied solely on the test taking experiences of others and testimonials for FTCEs as discussed in forums, websites and more. Or maybe, some of them probably ignored the importance of mental, physical and emotional preparation before an upcoming test to make sure that all the test procedures will proceed smoothly and accordingly. Nobody expects failing results after studying for hours per day for more than a month prior to the test. Of course, theoretical knowledge on the topic is very important, but do you not think you may be missing out on something?

FTCE guides are created to address the lack of relevant knowledge needed by test takers prior to the exam. It provides very detailed study aids with explanations to help test takers picture what they are most likely to experience, read or see during the exam period. Say goodbye to surprise instructions and I-did-not-know-about-any-of-these statements. Be guided by the most comprehensive FTCE study guide there ever was.

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ISBN : 1609717147

Subject : FTCE Earth and Space Science Test

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FTCE Earth and Space Science 6-12 Flashcard Study System is one of the fastest and most effective ways of studying ....

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Subject : FTCE Earth and Space Science Test

Condition: Excellent

FTCE Earth and Space Science 6-12 Secrets Study Guide is a very detailed and helpful tool for FTCE Earth and Space ....

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