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Studying Acoustical Engineering is a hard one. Acoustical Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with sound and vibration or the manipulation of control of sound. Engineering dudes in college have been having a tough time learning the rigorous and expensive subjects of Engineering. It is not just a course it is simply one that plays a great role in the industry. Engineering course is truly quiet expensive . But wait, there's a great way to acquire one where you can get it directly buy or rent secondhand textbooks among students of the same campus. You don't want to ask them one by one and yes, you will never go around and waste your time to search for it.

We are here to give a helping hand through our portal. You can easily get the textbooks that you need from your fellow schoolmates without the hassle of asking everyone in your university. You will get it for a very affordable price because we guarantee no middleman in your transaction with us. We also give you the opportunity to earn money by selling the study guides that you don

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