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When you are in the university level, you will be first introduced to General Chemistry before indulging to higher and complex topics about the subject. There are various school courses that you will need to study chemistry. And you will first undergo the basic concepts in General Chemistry. It would be good to know to study the basics of the identification and classification of matter. Everything that surrounds you are composed of matter. And everything that happens around you have chemistry on it. If your course is in the field of science, most especially if you are envisioning yourself to become a medical doctor, you will need to study General Chemistry to understand the advanced concepts in science.

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If you are a beginning university student in the field of science, you need to have many literary sources for General Chemistry. The good news that we provide cheap used academic texbooks, and we are giving you the option to rent or buy pre-owned publications in General Chemistry. We believe that quality education should not be expensive. And that everyone is entitled to it. It would be expensive if you buy new ones which you will only use for one semester. It would be wise for you to buy or rent secondhand publications on the subject matter. We also give you the opportunity to earn by registering on our site and sell your other textbooks in your own campus. That would be extra cash for your school expenses.

Sold BY : Students

Author : Clifford C. Houk

ISBN : 0471121207

Subject : General Chemistry


Condition: Good

This is a great General Chemistry book that I am selling, i don't ask much but only 45 dollars. This is a great bu ....

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