Benefits of Using Secondhand University Textbooks

Money spent on college books can be very costly and may make up a big portion of the total expenses of every college student. Some students who no longer need their books opt to put up their old textbooks for sale for other students to get their hands on these titles at a cheaper and more affordable price. Other than this, what is the benefit of purchasing and using old textbooks for sale? And how can you get them?

Helpful in working with limited budgets for university textbooks

Remember, students who put up old textbooks for sale benefited from these publications during the time it was still their property. These textbooks still contain helpful contents that are also in brand new textbooks with the same or similar titles. Not only do you save money, but also contribute to saving the environment by lowering the need to cut down trees for paper production.

Where to buy cheap academic textbooks

There are some local bookstores that offer  affordable old textbooks for sale. But if you want to be able to browse through many book titles and have more options, UCB has the widest selection of secondhand university textbooks and review books that are still in very good condition.

How can you safely buy and sell your textbooks

There are many websites with a buy and sell textbook service online. Make sure that you only make transactions on trusted and reputable online stores that put up old textbooks for sale. Before making your payment, be sure to find out whether the books are in their best readable condition with the pages still completely intact.

Here at UCB, we give our clients the security for their money and for the books they sell. So check out our buy and sell textbook services today!


Best Place for Hand-Me-Down Textbooks

Did you know that you can lower your college expenses when you make use of recycled textbooks? Recycled textbooks are very helpful in cutting down the cost of attending college. Why purchase brand new when you can still use recycled textbooks?

With this, where are the best places for finding recycled textbooks?

On-Campus Resources

This refers to a low-budget secondhand college textbook store that may be located within your college or university’s premises through students studying in the same institution and selling their old books. Some colleges or universities have bulletin boards that let students post their printed ads finding a new owner for their pre-owned books. Other colleges and universities have a secondhand textbook store facility that displays some old books put up for sale or rent. Either way, these could be cost-saving options you can consider.

Off-Campus Resources

The internet is the best place to find a secondhand textbook store that buy and sell textbooks. With the hundreds of websites that takes in your recycled textbooks, your only problem is finding the perfect secondhand textbook store to help you get your books to good hands. Online, there is an even greater chance of buying old textbooks in a wide assortment of titles and subjects and finding the perfect book you need.

And if you yourself have old textbooks for sale , all you need is to input the ISBN of the book you want to put up for sale onto a specific field in the webpage of the secondhand textbook store and you’re good to go!


Why Should You Invest in Pre-owned Science Publications and Books

Science – the subject that demands just about many types of books to help you with your subject concerns from Chemistry to Physics to Astronomy and more. Typically a subject with more publications and books than you can imagine. The problem is that you do not have much money to buy each and every brand new science books your teacher requires you. What then is your best option?

Affordable secondhand science text books

If you want affordable yet quality Science resources, have you ever thought of investing in a pre-owned Science textbook?

A pre-owned Science textbook refers to a printed Science resource that is previously used by its original owner who purchased it in its brand new price, still in good condition, and is put up for sale at a local bookstore or using an online buy and sell textbook website to find buyers. This pre-owned Science textbook is highly-beneficial especially for students who needs textbooks but are working with a tight budget. Why should you invest in a pre-owned Science textbook then?
A pre-owned Science textbook is way cheaper compared to a brand new paperback or hard bound book sold at a bookstore but it does not sacrifice quality for its low price. Similar to purchasing brand new books, a pre-owned Science textbook offered at UCB may come in many specific Science subjects and topics. Check out online book listings for many Science book titles available.

If you are a college student looking for the perfect pre-owned Science textbook, search for cheap Science textbook online today and start saving more money for your educational needs.

How to Sell Pre-owned College Textbooks Online

Face it.

You probably have those brand new textbooks you bought from your local bookstore at a high price and now, they’re just lying around on your room’s floor or probably stacked on your shelves and left untouched for quite some time now. You probably planned on throwing them away but because you spent a hefty amount of cash for them, you are now having second thoughts.

Why not consider selling your pre-owned college textbooks? Not only do you reduce the clutter in your space, but also save up more money for future use.

Things to remember when doing selling pre-owned books online

Unless you are a web pro with much knowledge on putting up your own website, a reputable website with a platform that lets you sell pre-owned college textbooks can do the job. But first things first, before you get those books for sale online, what should you do with your pre-owned college textbooks?

  • Check your pre-owned college textbooks and ask yourself the following questions: Is it still in good condition? Are the pages still intact and complete? Is it free from creases or folds that will make it look presentable? Are the printed texts still readable? If your answer to all these questions is a “yes” then congratulations, you have done a good job making a pretty good investment.
  • Get your book’s ISBN number. What is the ISBN number? ISBN means International Standard Book Number. Each book has its unique ISBN number or barcode that identifies the specific details of the book such as publisher, title and more. It may usually be found on the spine of your book or at the back cover.
  • Now that you got your pre-owned college textbook’s ISBN number, input it onto the specific sell old textbooks platform of the UCB site. It may require you to log in if you already have an existing account or asks you to create one.
Now that you have created your own page for your pre-owned college textbooks, all you have to do is wait for other students to find your book on the website along with the many college textbook listings. Not only did you save energy, but also saved other students from higher costs of purchasing their needed books.

Create your online bookseller profile today and start sending your pre-owned college textbooks to its new owners.

Buy used college books- Save money!

In the last few years, prices of college text books have risen drastically. So, college and university students have to incur extra bucks to buy the books of their respective subjects for every semester. It might surprise you that for every school session, a student has to spend a very high amount on their text books just to continue their education.

Thanks to the campus bookstores that offer an opportunity to buy low-priced used textbooks to the needed students and help them in saving money remarkably. Apart from these offline stores, there are some online stores that provide used college books for each and every semester at smaller prices. Students who purchase the text books often surprised to see that some times stores even give discount if they make bulk purchase. There are so many students who prefer to purchase the books from a place which offer a chance to sell back to them at the end of the semester. The store pays good amount of money that motivates the students to sell their used college books back to them.

As the sell back price and discounts vary from a store to store, you might not find an exciting deal offline. If you’re in such situation, start exploring the net to find out the websites that dealing into used college books. In order to get best price, carefully analyze the offer and select a website that absolutely meets your requirement. There are lots of advantages you can get if you purchase the used college books online such as attractive offers, extremely low prices, and possibility of selling back at decent price.

5 Tips To Buying Used English Textbooks

Buying cheap used english textbooks can be a proper way to much money. There are several resources out there. But it is important for you to keep in mind a few things if you want the best deal in this regard clinch. Below is a brief overview of how to go about it.

Find The ISBN of the book you want to buy

When it comes to buying cheap used English textbooks , the first thing you need to do find the ISBN of the book you need. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. The book list or syllabus, the college offers frequently mentions the ISBN of the book. You can also visit your college or local bookstore to find out the ISBN number.

Search For the book with the ISBN

It is very important for you to keep in mind that sometimes the titles of the books are the same, but the content may be different from what you actually looking for. That is why it is always advisable to seek the used English textbooks by the ISBN. This way you can easily avoid the chance of getting into an unpleasant situation where you may have to regret after buying the wrong book. This is especially important if you purchase the books on the Internet.

Swap books, not buy

Many websites you can book exchange instead of just buying the book you are looking for. This is a great way to save money on used books, especially if you sit a few old textbooks for you, you no longer use to have. Can the books you need in exchange for the used English textbooks that you have. If you could find a classmate or knowledge, that’s good enough. But, if you do not have such a friend who is willing to swap books with you, you can always trade your old books online with the books you need – there are several websites out there that are willing to give you a nice deal in this regard.

Visit your local or College Bookstore

College or campus bookstores do not sell only new books, but they buy and sell used books. Yes, it may be a good idea to visit bookstores and talk about your wishes. Ask them if they used English textbooks you are looking for. However, their prices are often much higher than the cost of the same book as purchased online via a website.

Check your school bulletin board

Former students or their partners who want to sell the old books that they or their children no longer use often an ad on the school or college bulletin board. Some schools and colleges have physical bulletin boards on campus, while others have an online bulletin board on their official website. You can get a good deal there. Yes, this option is well worth considering.

Overall, there are many ways to help you used English textbooks to buy at a lowest price.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Used College Books Online

No college going student would like to spend money on buying college books that is required in their curriculum. Story books and novels are understandable, but spend more money for buying college books is something that no one wants. Whenever a student has to buy them, they look for cheaper ones, ones which won’t burn a hole in their pocket! Realizing the fact that students don’t want to spend a great amount of money, many websites have come up with possibilities of buying used college books. Certainly very few people will care if they are used or not, as long as they get them for cheap. Moreover, used college books may also have essential notes and data scribbled on them, which can be used by students to their advantage. At the present time, there are many shops in your neighborhood which used college books. They are truly quite in demand, because of all the reasons has told you. Seeing this big success, various websites have also sprung up which offer used college books at a more reasonable price. You can search for the text book you want, giving the author’s name or the title and the site will show you the number of copies left so that you can book one for yourself.

Here Are Some Things to Consider Before You Buy Used College Books Online

Correct Name of Title and Author

Before you go ahead and search for the book you want, ensure that you have entered the name of the book and the author correctly. There are various books which have a lot of resemblance when it comes to the title. Hence, there may be some confusion, and you may not be able to obtain the book you are actually looking for.

Investigate Correctly Before the Purchase

It is not necessary that you have to purchase a book that a friend recommends. Websites have a massive galore of books from all over the world which are available to you. Look through all the books pertaining to your subject and make the right choice. It is online, and you will not have to go through any hassle as such. Since you are buying something, ensure it is worth the amount you are spending.

Calculate the Total Cost Correctly

Keep in mind, that when you acquire used textbooks online, you are not just paying for the book, but even paying for delivery charges and other shipping expenses. There are some sites which offer free delivery for a bulk purchase, but you have to be very alert to calculate the total amount. It may so happen that the book you want to buy is pretty cheap, but including the shipment charges, the overall cost of the book increases. Sometimes, it may happen that a new copy of the same book will be available to you at a cheaper rate at your nearby book shop!

Other than looking for used college books online, the easiest way is to buy them from a senior in college. They are more than happy to sell them off so that they obtain some extra money, and you will be more than happy to buy them, as you will get them at a truly cheap price. Hence, buying used college books has now become a cakewalk because there are people all over to help you save money!

Some Tips to Save Money On College Textbooks

Considering the very fact the rates of college textbooks are much high these days. We all have been seeing a significant rise in the rates with each passing day. Every year, new edition come and they are sold at a very high price than that of the previous versions. This has been one of the important reasons why the cost of attending college has now become overwhelmingly very high. However, you will be glad to know that there are still many alternative ways out there, which you can use thoroughly, can help you save a good money in this regard. Following is a brief rundown on how to purchase these books at affordable prices and eventually save on college expenses.

Purchase Older Edition, If Possible

Look at the type of books you require for your classes and ask your teacher if an older version of the college textbooks will do. If they say yes, you can purchase the old edition books and save some great bucks. A year old edition does not have more different as compared to the new one. If you have friends or acquaintances who have already taken the course and the books you necessary are just sitting around with them, you may like to borrow the books from them.

Compare Prices At Bookstores With The Online Prices

Do not purchase the books directly from your college bookshops. You can do better if you first take down the price list from there and then compare the same with the online book prices. In most cases, you are more possibly to obtain huge discounts if you purchase your books online, as there are several places on Internet that sell affordable college textbooks at affordable price as compared to the prices charged by the college bookstores.

Rent Your Textbook

Another great option is to rent your textbooks instead of buying the same. It is really the cheapest option available for you. The great thing about renting textbooks is that once your course is complete, the books will not be sitting around.

Become A Library Member And Get Books From There

There may be several books in the list that you may need for your course, but you generally will not be using all of them frequently. If that is the case, you may save your money by not buying the book at the first place. You can borrow it from your college library. But, this technique works only for those books that you use rarely because libraries usually have limited stocks of a particular book and they lend only college textbooks for a short period of time.

Purchase Used College Books

Many bookshops and online websites sell used college textbooks at a really more reasonable price as compared to the price paid for the latest ones. The content of the book however is not different, and so is in no sense less valuable than the latest one. So, this can be a great option for you.

Used College Textbooks – Easy Way to Sale Online

Students are more confident than ever, while it comes online shopping. This clear reflection will not vibrate more than the business of buying and selling of used college textbooks. For the first time in history, the students finally get a good end of that time “college store occupies the entire” industry.

According to NACS, books and supplies for 2 to 4 students come in right under $1000 per year is about $988. Actually, college textbooks and supplies have risen in recent years than what it was in the previous seven, exceeds increase by double-clicking. Sales of used textbooks in the past, once the icing on cake. Now, many students want the hit for their money in time.

There are three things you can do to make the best tax experience from sales of your book: First, the head of your campus store. As you first go on campus, all these guys like your friend. But, they are now trying to get every piece of the income of all students purchasing books eek, so they can stuff their coffers with difficult parents and students bucks. Conversely, they will not present all you have paid for new or second hand books you might otherwise have held.

Then, in your social various student organizations on campus. Even with the advent of Internet, word of mouth is the most effective means to ensure product and service markets, even when it comes to selling used textbooks. And if you’re lucky, you will be the price that is better than the store and let potential buyers a better cost than if they were paid by threshing received to get.

Finally, if you yourself are not familiar with searching the Internet, would be timely. Mantra nowadays is thriving selling textbook, “A most looking early, make the most of the period. So famous with the way one can search in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. When you finally the idea of how process works, focus on the actual text search companies that used college textbook used more detail than you can ever imagine compile. you information that can serve your needs well in no time.

Enough to get by

Many students see college as a power. They go to college not only because they look at the value, but also because it is what is expected. Thus, these students enough to make ends meet. Without motivation, direction and focus, they take much longer to adapt or possibly drop out.

Not Prepared

Many students are not prepared for academic challenges in college. Without early planning in high school years, then avoid them more challenging classes, students could have prepared for college. So when they study, they need remedial courses to obtain.

Some students do not generally take time to think about what they will perform when they graduate. With no idea of the interests and aspirations, she will find it much easier to make choices about their prospects to. College comfortable place to go around until they make a decision.


Studies have also shown that students from one school to another, often take much longer to graduate.

Sell Used College Books Online and help poor students

After you finish college classes, you can sell used textbooks online to recover expenses and help poor students who cant’ afford the fresh books. You can sell back college books for your next class costs.

College textbooks are expensive. You can spend hundreds and even more for all your college textbooks, and it’s frustrating since these textbooks are only useful for a few months during the semester. You can recover your college expenses and sell back college books or even sell college books online from several previous semesters. College bookstores typically give you a very low buyback rate for your used college books. However, there are other outlets to sell textbooks online.

Sell Books Online Using an Amazon Store

Amazon is one of the most popular online bookstores. Amazon lists used college books for sale alongside the new college textbooks. You can sell used college books on Amazon, which sets a shipping and handling price for you and deposits your income to your bank account. You can set your used college books for sale at a price slightly lower than the new textbook, making your price more attractive but high enough where you can recover your expenses. Amazon takes a percentage of the book sale, so factor that into your expected profits.

Use eBay to Sell Your Books

eBay is the most popular online auction site. eBay lets you place an item up for sale, and bidders place bids until the auction’s deadline. The highest bidder buys the item, and the bidder can use an escrow site such as Paypal to purchase the used college textbooks. It only costs a few cents to sell back books, unless you choose additional bidding tools provided by eBay. Make sure you open the auction early, so the week or two the auction stays active is during the time students need to buy college books online for classes.

Sell My College Books on Craigslist

Craigslist is an option to sell your books, but it is the most insecure. While eBay and Amazon provide protection for buyers and sellers, Craigslist is simply a place to list a college book buy-back without the security of escrow sites and process terms of service. It’s also the most affordable, if you don’t have the money to list the used college books online. Potential buyers contact you directly, and you are responsible for collecting the money and delivering the product to your buyer.

Sell Used books from usedcollegebooks.net

Usedcollegebooks.net is the online platform for students who are looking for buy and sell used college books and textbooks. You can list your books here other students who are looking for the same book will contact you and would purchase that book direct from you and website isn’t charging anything from you for listing and selling the book.

These are the ways to list college books for sale maximize your profit, so you can use the money to purchase the next semester’s college textbooks. For people looking to buy cheap college books, it’s a great way to find your classes’ book requirements without the high prices charge by your local college bookstore.