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Biology is a natural science that deals with life and the living organisms which includes their functions, structure, origin, growth, distribution, evolution and taxonomy. Biology has many subdivisions and the five main principles are about cells, evolution, heredity, an organism's internal environment and organism's energy consumption. Subdisciplines of biology are known on the basis at which organisms are studied and the techniques used to study them. One of these is molecular biology, which studies the complex interactions of systems of biological molecules. Biochemistry examines the rudimentary chemistry of life, cellular biology examines the basic building block of all life, the cell. Physiology examines the organism's physical and chemical functions of the tissues, organs, and organ systems and ecology examines how various organisms interact and associate with their environment.


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Some of the Biology Topics MCAT exam may cover include

    Enzyme structure and function
        Function of enzymes in catalyzing biological reactions
        Reduction of activation energy
        Substrates and enzyme specificity
    Control of enzyme activity
        Feedback inhibition
        Competitive inhibition
        Non-competitive inhibition
    Basic metabolism
        Glycolysis, anaerobic and aerobic
        Krebs cycle, substrates and products, general features of the pathway
        Electron transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation
        Metabolism of fats and proteins

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