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Anatomy is a division of biology that is a reflection of the organization of living things and is a general term that consists of human anatomy, animal anatomy and plant anatomy. Anatomy is closely associated with embryology, comparative anatomy and comparative embryology through common origins in evolution. It has been characterized by a continually expanding comprehension of the functions of organs and structures in the body. Techniques have also progressed dramatically from assessment of animals through dissection of cadavers to technologically complex techniques.

Anatomy is a difficult subject for students since it has lots of terms and theories to memorize and requires more time to study. This subject is also very important to students with a course that is associated with the medical field such as medicine, nursing and physical therapy. In order to pass this subject, the enhancement of your study habits is necessary and more time to study means more books to read. Anatomy books have all the information you need to know about anatomy. We have the cheapest college books in anatomy for you to buy at a very affordable price compared to buying a new one. Buying used college books in anatomy not only helps you save your money, but you are also able to help the environment by recycling used college anatomy books. Anatomy books are essential in helping you pass the anatomy subject.

The Anatomy subject will definitely assess your knowledge to your limits. To get yourself ready, we offer quality used college anatomy books to help you in your preparations to achieve success. Search for used college books in anatomy directly from this site. Don't take this subject for granted. Prepare yourselves.

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Author : James A. McVean

ISBN : 1411646703

Subject : Anatomy

Condition: Fair

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Sold BY : Students

Author : Wynn Kapit

ISBN : 0805350861

Subject : Anatomy


Condition: Fair

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