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You Buy and sell your used Books.

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Do you know what it takes to buy and sell used college textbooks at great prices online?



Find out now. Take the UCB Two-Question Challenge.


What’s one of the quickest and least expensive ways to get used college textbooks?

  1. Dumpster diving.

  2. Begging your roommate for his/her old books (with notes and essays, please).

  3. Searching UCB online for the used college books you need from students in your area.

That’s right! It’s C. There’s no need to sully your clothing or your pride for the used books you need. You can search UCB 24 hrs. a day to find used college textbooks locally. And you can buy used college books through UCB at great prices, too--without spending loads of money on shipping and handling charges. You can also sell your used textbooks to other students in your school community through UCB.


So, at the end of the semester where will your used college textbooks be?

  1. In a landfill.

  2. Boxed up, covered in postage, and awaiting shipment to a place far, far away.

  3. On campus, in the hands of a grateful fellow student, thanks to UCB’s college used book services.

Right again! It’s UCB. Why waste money, time, and paper buying and selling college textbooks any other way? For good prices and quick, eco-friendly service, the best answer is always UCB.

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