Praxis 1 Math Study Guide Book

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Praxis 1 Math Study Guide Book


Author : Edward Davis

Edition : 1st edition

Subject : Praxis I Math

Condition : Excellent

Posted On : Aug 07, 2013

$ 24.99

There are a lot of teachers/students right now with their careers in jeopardy or on hold simply because they have yet to pass the Math PRAXIS I Test. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM! Lets talk about why people fail the Math PRAXIS I Exam and how in the next 2-3 hours using my “Praxis 1 Mathematics STUDY GUIDE” you (student/teacher) can raise your test score by 3-5 points. The reasons most people fail the test are a lack of knowledge of basic math principles, and do not know the correct way to approach the test. I took the test myself and used the techniques shown to me by my tutor to pass this test and i am willing to share these techniques with you. With the full mock up Praxis 1 math test with questions and answers you will get comfortable feeling and realization of whether or not you are ready to pass this test. Other study guides out there for Praxis 1 Math help are great as well as supplementary methods of studying, but study guide written by Edward Davis focuses on the basic principals that can help teachers/students pass their Praxis 1 math help.

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